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100 Arms Around Us

The 100’s Arms Around Us (AAU) Mentoring Program is a comprehensive youth development program with an emphasis on building character and life skills, specifically in the areas of goal setting, peer pressure, conflict resolution, personal and financial awareness, and community service.  The program is administered at Cardinal Ritter College Preparatory School and the Juvenile Detention Center.

Youth Conference/School Tour

“What is Cool!” Youth Conferences are held two to three times a year to equip youth with information and resources to help close the gap of opportune through education, health & wellness, economic empowerment, and mentoring. We focus on various topics such as goal setting, dealing with peer pressure, and the importance of education for future success.

The School Tour is a partnership with community organizations and stakeholders (including, but not limited to, urban radio station, DJ’s, recording artists, etc) to implement an End of The Year School Tour called the “S.W.A.G. Tour” (which stands for Service, Well-Being, Academic Achievement and Goal Setting).  The tour focuses on areas of Mentoring, Education, Economic Development and Violence Prevention. The tour targets 8 High Schools and impacts over 2,000 students.


  • Mentoring begins with the trust and ability to see each individual’s potential. Not every person begins at the same stage, but they all have the ability to create a positive impact on society, and this begins with the guidance of mentors. 

  • Across the United States and Internationally, 100 Black Men of America, Inc. is changing lives of tomorrow’s leaders through the 100’s signature programs: Mentoring The 100 Way, Collegiate 100®, and 100 Black Men Chapters.

  • Delivering mentoring training at our annual conferences and regional training workshops, which are open to the public. Each of our programs delivers unique mentoring initiatives that help taps into the deserving youth annually and change their lives. Mentoring provides support and positively impact the lives of tomorrow’s leaders today.

  • The 100 delivers mentoring training at their annual conferences and regional training workshops, which are open to the public. Both Collegiate 100 chapters and 100 Black Men Chapters deliver unique mentoring initiatives that positively impact deserving youth annually. Support the work of the 100 and explore ways to support it.

The 100 Black Men of Metropolitan St. Louis mentor youth through its network of members.  The organization is positively impacting the lives of tomorrow’s leaders through its signature programs such as the 100's Arms Around Us Mentoring Program, the 100 Youth Ambassadors Leadership Academy, and the Collegiate 100.  The Organization also delivers unique, innovation mentoring initiatives that are locally relevant and that change the lives of thousands of youth annually.

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